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Singing – A Proven Apnea Alternative Treatment

Posted on January 3, 2017 in Uncategorized

See if you can figure out this brain-teaser: what do sleep apnea sufferers and opera singers have in common? Clue: singing! If you’re intrigued, read on.

While up to 90% of people who have sleep apnea don’t know it, it needs to be taken very seriously. This condition can ultimately kill.

There are many treatments available, depending on the severity of the condition. If you are experiencing mild symptoms, it is recommended that you opt for an apnea alternative treatment, rather than treatments recommended for heavy sufferers.

One of those alternative treatments is “singing for snorers”. Basically, this is a singing program meant to treat snoring – but the exercises included in the program have been proven to also cure apnea. The author of the program says “singing for snorers” is “a complete programme of singing exercises specifically designed to reduce snoring caused by lax muscles in the upper throat”.

Sleep apnea, like snoring, is often caused by lax muscles in the upper throat. During snoring, the airways are blocked due to the collapse of the soft palate and the muscles lining the throat wall. When airways become narrow and throat muscles are loose there is increased suction, and the result is noisy vibrations. Singing for snorers is a proven apnea alternative treatment that exercises the muscle groups which support the soft palate. The soft palate vibrates when you snore, causing blockage of the airways leading to conditions of apnea.

If you constantly exercise the muscles that hold up the soft palate, the muscles become much stronger and tighter. When your throat muscles are stronger and tighter it requires an extremely powerful breath to cause the soft palate to vibrate and cause snoring.

The “singing for snorers” program lets you work out muscles around the throat where snoring vibrations usually occur. This strengthens the linings of the airways, thus reducing blockage and alleviating snoring, as well as apnea. There is no serious risk in using “singing for snorers” as your sleep apnea alternative treatment. But there are numerous advantages to using this alternative treatment method. If you compare this program with the surgical means of stopping snoring, “singing for snorers” is rather harmless. It is also quite inexpensive, and even fun as you practice the lessons. You also get to build up your diaphragm and improve on your breathing.

If you have decided to use singing as your apnea alternative treatment, I do recommend “Singing for snorers”. It is the only alternative treatment available which teaches you how to stop sleep apnea through singing.