Acne Alternative Treatments – 3 Dreadful Secrets of Acne Alternative Treatments

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Let’s face the facts. I am sure most of you have tried at least one acne alternative treatment like acutance or proactive or any other tropical ointment that promises you to get rid of acne in the least time possible.

Even today evening I just saw an ad showing a cream that will make your zits vanish in 7 hours! When are industrialists going to realize that it is high time they stop playing with people’s lives for money?

Don’t you understand what is going on? Let me show you 4 reasons why you should not go for any expensive and rapid claiming acne alternative treatments.

Reason Number 1

Acne is a simple a signal your body is screaming out to you with a note that you are suffering from a much deeper internal problem.

So I am sure you understand that just because you made your acne vanish with some expensive acne alternative treatment like Accutane, it does not mean you have solved the internal problem inside you that still persists!

Now what can acne alternative treatments do about the internal problem? You spent your hard earned money on it right? What happened?

Reason Number 2

Acne has been evolving from generation to generation for a very long time. Let me ask you a question.

What was the acne alternative treatment at a time when people used to walk from one place to another? In other words, what was the acne alternative treatment during the age where technology was not in the dictionary?

They probably had a better alternative treatment for their acne. They used to get rid of their acne in a more natural manner with controlled diets and useful medicines made in their own kitchen!

Reason Number 3

How permanent do you think are your results with the consumption of acne alternative treatments?
Yes, your acne may be gone for a few months, but are you sure they won’t come back?

Like I told you before, acne is simply a signaling system to a much deeper internal problem. The more worse your acne gets, the more the internal problems is getting worse, and no acne alternative treatment has yet promised that so far..

How many of you actually watch an animation movie called osmosis Jones?

I recommend you do that. It gives an inside look at how your body works, and it is a real comedy. You will enjoy it.

There you go I gave you three reasons why you should not go for an acne alternative treatment.

It is always recommended you go for the natural path to curing your acne. If there is an alternative acne treatment that promises you to get rid of acne by solving your internal problems, I would be the first to find out how it works and recommend it to you if it works fine.

Like I said, there is no better acne alternative treatment than your own self.

Alternative Treatments For Migraines

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People who suffer from migraines know that they can be quite debilitating and result in a loss of productivity. Even once the migraine subsides, the person suffering from the migraine can feel exhausted for a full day afterward. Many migraine sufferers can be prescribed a wide variety of medications to treat migraines. These can be quite expensive, and ultimately, not so effective.

Beyond the practice of conventional medicine are some alternative treatments for migraines. The following is a discussion of some of these alternative therapies.

The first alternative we’ll discuss involves the practice of Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine focuses on imbalances in the body’s energy flows and blood system. Disruptions in the energy flows, or an imbalance in the blood system is viewed as the cause of the migraine.

Acupuncture is utilized in Chinese medicine as a treatment for migraines. The acupuncture is applied at specific points along the body’s meridians to help the flow of energy return to balance.

Combined with acupuncture, the Chinese medicine practitioner may also prescribe herbal blends and mineral supplements to assist with the treatments. These help to clear out some of the toxins accumulating in the body from our food and environment.

The next alternative type of treatments involves Environmental Medicine. In some cases, a diagnostic examination from a specialist in environmental medicine may reveal allergies, or an underlying issue in the body that may result in other issues. Once these are diagnosed, acupuncture may be applied along with a prescription of vitamin supplements, creams and other therapies.

Another type of alternative treatment involves Nutritional Therapy. Nutritional therapies are an alternative to conventional medicine in that utilize more natural prescriptions such as fish oil, flaxseed oil and other nutritional supplements. This therapy may be combined with dietary recommendations and a slow reduction in prescription medicines used by the patient prior to therapy to effect improvement.

The last alternative treatment we’ll discuss here involves Enzyme Therapy.Enzyme therapy involves the diagnosis of any issues regarding the body’s natural production of various enzymes. The lack of some enzymes can result in chronic headaches. A formula will then be prescribed to address any issues to help relieve the headaches.

Beyond these alternative treatments are structural oriented therapies such as chiropractic. Chiropractic treatments are focused on creating better alignment in the skeletal/muscular systems. After identifying problem areas, known as subluxations, the chiropractor will prescribe a series of adjustments. Subluxations create nerve interference in the spine, and can be a cause of headaches.

These are just a few alternative therapies that migraine sufferers may try, rather than continue to ingest costly prescription medicines that really do nothing to prevent further migraines. Some home remedies might also include aromatherapy, a warm shower, massage, etc. Additionally, lifestyle changes may also be a good idea. Migraine patients need to pay close attention to their diet, overall health and even work environment to determine of some changes may be beneficial.


Acne Alternative Treatments

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Are you looking for a particular acne treatment that will help you get rid of those embarrassing, painful pustules? Well, it is sad to say that there is still no particular type of acne treatment that greatly works for every sufferer. With this fact, many acne victims find it more effective to employ a combination of treatments since this chronic skin condition, to some degree, tends to involve a blend of causes.

Although no particular treatment is deemed powerful enough to eliminate acne instantly, the news is not all bad since a number of acne alternative treatments are available. These techniques generally promise to help you obtain clear and clean skin, leaving the skin healthy and free from any form of this disease.

These treatments actually vary depending on its forms and the manner of application. Below are the acne alternative treatments that are most common for everyone.

Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies are noted to be a potent forms of acne alternative treatments in case that you do not want to take powerful acne drugs that can produce side effects. Nevertheless, herbal remedies have their own flaws and it usually takes at least a month or so for this form of acne alternative treatment to have any effect. Therefore, don’t expect instant results from it. In addition, there have also been very few scientific studies undertaken to present how effective this form of acne alternative treatments is. However, Chaste Tree berry for girls and Saw palmetto for boys have been recommended.

Home Remedies

Home remedies could be an outstanding alternative form of acne treatment to the pricey medicated preparations. But just like the herbal remedy, very little scientific research has been conducted for this approach. The results achieved from the use of this form of acne alternative treatments are not typically as quick as those achieved from medicated treatments, but at least they do have fewer side effects.

Here’s one such treatment: Apply an equal amount of lemon juice and rose water with a cotton ball to affected area, leave for half an hour and wash with a mild soap. Repeat for up to three weeks.

Another home remedy that can prove beneficial for reducing acne is to take a cotton ball and apply rubbing alcohol to affected areas. This may cause drying of the skin surrounding the acne, but that is basically what you are looking to do when treating these areas.

Natural Treatments

Natural treatments are yet another considerable form of acne alternative treatment in case that you do not like the idea of developing side effects from powerful acne medications. But, just like the above mentioned acne alternative treatments, there has also been fewer scientific studies conducted to show whether any of the treatments of this form actually function for combating acne.

And, it is also worth noting that most of the research conducted for this form of alternative acne treatments focus highly on the synthetic treatments rather than those that you can prepare yourself with affordable natural ingredients since most of the research is funded by drug companies. Some of the treatments done in this form may take several weeks before they show any effect.

Some examples:

Cook oatmeal and apply on face, leave on for fifteen minutes then wash.

Wash face with avocado paste mixed with water.

In a blender mix 1 peeled apple with 1 tablespoon of honey, half a cucumber and 1 tablespoon of yogurt. Apply to face, leave for 20 minutes and wash off with warm water and a mild soap.

Using any of these methods cannot guarantee that your acne will disappear but for many sufferers who have had no success with anything else they may be worth a look.