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Alternative Treatments For IBS

Posted on January 7, 2017 in Uncategorized

5-10 years ago, people only wanted to get their hands on western medication because it was said to have been “proven and tested” by science. Today, however, times have changed and along with it, so have the perceptions of people when it comes to health care and treatments. Today, more and more people are turning towards alternative healing methods for their ailments and afflictions.

The same goes for people who are afflicted by Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS. For most people with this condition, they view alternative healing as a sliver of hope that they will, once and for all, be rid of their disease. Western medicine states that IBS is non-curable and can only be prevented. Once you have it, all you can do is to do measures which can decrease the intensity and the frequency of your IBS attacks. Here are some of the more famous alternative healing techniques that have been commonly used on people with IBS.

Hypnotherapy is one of these alternative treatments. This is done in a way that it is directed towards the abdominal area of the person. Since this treatment is not invasive, there are little or no side effects to worry about. The great thing about this method is that even though it is unconventional, it has received a lot of recognition and merit regarding its effectiveness since its usage in treatment for IBS patients. It has a lot of potential to be the leading treatment modality in the IBS field. Hypnotherapy is a prime healing technique for IBS because stress related IBS attacks are significantly reduced as well.

Acupuncture is also another popular alternative healing technique which aims to cleanse and purify the person through the use of major points in the body and surgically precise needle punctures in the skin. Just like hypnotherapy, acupuncture is also gut-directed which means that all points that are pricked are connected in one way or another to the abdomen of the patient.

You can even do these two alternative healing techniques together if you really want to get quick and positive results. So if you find yourself having no idea what to do after being diagnosed with the condition, you can always try your luck with alternative medication treatments. Furthermore, there are still dozens of alternative treatments that have not been mentioned but still have the same effects as the two which we previously introduced.

Although these alternative healing techniques have proven that they can really deliver in terms of treating the symptoms of this disease. It is good to take note that coupling it with some western medications can do wonders for yourself and double the chances of relief from IBS. If you really feel comfortable having a western medication with you, then by all means takes them with the treatment.

If you arrived at your house a little earlier than usual, you can practice your alternative healing treatments there as well as some breathing techniques that are part of the entire session.