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ADHD Alternative Treatments – Safer Choices You Should Know About

Posted on January 9, 2017 in Uncategorized

When faced with the life changing diagnosis of ADHD, parents often feel confused and overwhelmed. Medications are prescribed; however, new issues to develop. The prescribed medicine has terrible side effects and parents wonder, which is worse, ADHD or side effects from the medicine? Are there other choices? Yes, there are ADHD alternative treatments.

Family counseling is a positive first step for ADHD alternative treatments. Families coping with ADHD face emotional challenges. Parents and child deal with frustration over escalating behaviors; the child may feel anxious and fearful due to medication; and parents have guilty feelings wondering what they have done to cause this situation.

Counselors help families work through these emotions, while assisting parents with strategies to manage behaviors. Counselors can provide additional resources for ADHD alternative treatment.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is an approach which teaches the child life skills and problem solving strategies. In addition, children in cognitive therapy learn organizational skills and reason through tasks so they have better success in completing assignments. Learning these skills can increase self esteem as classroom performance begins to improve.

Another ADHD alternative treatment is making life style changes. Simple changes in diet, such as, reducing sugar, removing dyes, and preservatives have been shown to improve ADHD behaviors.

Adding fruit, vegetables, fish, and whole grains will provide additional benefits. Making sure your child participates in some form of exercise everyday will release excess energy and aid in calming the mind. Make sure your child is getting plenty of rest, 10-12 hours per night is suggested.

Another beneficial of the ADHD alternative treatments available that has been used with widespread success is behavior therapy. This therapy helps both parent and child by teaching strategies to reduce arguments, and manage defiance. Parents learn consequences for negative behavior and how to offer praise when milestones are achieved.

In seeking ADHD alternative treatments, consideration should be given to using herbs or homeopathic remedies to alleviate symptoms of ADHD. Homeopathic remedies have no zero side effects and often, are just as effective, if not more so, than their prescription counterparts.

Homeopathic remedies can be used in combination with any of the above-noted alternative treatments. Research has shown more parents than ever before are choosing natural remedies to treat their children and experiencing great success.

Seeking the best treatment options for your child who has been diagnosed with ADHD is an overwhelming task. Being aware of ADHD alternative treatments, can help achieve improve overall health for your child.